About Us

Welcome To Niclacs ! Welcome To Niclacs ! India is one of the largest market in the food industry globally. The organised food business sector in India got unlimited choices through different brands and corporates. It is very sad to mention the competency in terms of quality, technology and nutritional factors are not satisfactory. We Niclacs Food Club take off to the Indian food market intending world class quality products to its consumers. We are here to portray an example how world class products suit to Indian market and ensuring precise quality, immense nutritional values, superior technology and modern styling can be interpreted to an average competency market. Our vision is to establish a common portfolio in the FMCG products so that each and every product rolls out of the line must be of a global standard. For ensuring this, we have identified best quality suppliers and interpreted latest technology in the processing. Also we have compiled the available packaging in the organised food market internationally and conceive the best in class packaging style and quality. We are here to redefine India’s diet habits.